Nine Floors, a similar game like the Exit 8 and Shinkansen


“Nine Floors” is an immersive escape game where the player’s objective is to flee from a school, starting from the 9th floor and descending to the ground level.

nine floors horror scary

The game begins with you trapped on the highest floor, and each subsequent level presents new challenges and obstacles. Much like “The Exit 8,” this game demands quick thinking and sharp problem-solving skills. The mechanics of “Nine Floors” involve careful exploration: if you encounter an anomaly—a strange, unexplained occurrence—you must immediately backtrack and find an alternate route. This aspect adds a layer of suspense and strategy, as you must always be prepared to change your plan and navigate through the unknown.

nine floors horror scary

As you progress through each floor, the game’s difficulty intensifies, introducing more complex puzzles and more frequent anomalies. The experience is reminiscent of the escalating tension found in “Shinkansen,” where every moment counts and every decision could lead to safety or peril. The atmospheric design and eerie soundscape of “Nine Floors” enhance the sense of urgency and fear, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

nine floors horror scary

Similar to “The Exit 8,” the narrative unfolds through environmental storytelling and cryptic clues scattered throughout the school. Each floor has its unique theme and set of puzzles, requiring different strategies and keen observation to solve. The game also draws inspiration from the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of “Shinkansen,” where players must continuously adapt to survive.

nine floors horror scary the exit 8

The ultimate goal in “Nine Floors” is to reach the ground floor and escape the haunted school. The journey is fraught with danger and mystery, challenging players to think critically and act swiftly. With its blend of suspenseful gameplay, intricate puzzles, and a chilling atmosphere, “Nine Floors” offers an unforgettable escape room experience that fans of “The Exit 8” and “Shinkansen” will undoubtedly appreciate.